A Donkey and a dragonfly

     There grazed a donkey next to a road. A blue dragonfly circled around him. The dragonfly descended down and then sat on a bush of briar. The donkey watched her admiringly.
     “I wish I could fly like you,” he sighed.
     “But it is easy,” said the dragonfly confidently.
     “Please, could you teach me to fly,” pleaded the odd-toed animal.
     “All right, come tomorrow to the rocky cliff.” Said the dragonfly and flew away gracefully.
     The next day came the donkey to the pre-arranged place. His companion had already awaited him impatiently.
     “I can not wait to fly. Just give me an advice on what to do,” brayed the donkey.
     “It's simple! Let´s run and you will have it in your fingertips.”
     The donkey did so. And he really flew. But he flew downwards. A fall from a height could not end well. The donkey broke his neck. He was dead instantly.
     Dragonfly looked into the depths and complained: “Poor donkey, he wanted to fly and did not realize that he did not have wings.”
     Translated by Renata Kováčová