A Farmer and a cat

      A farmer had a think one day:
      “Why should I feed the cat when it is not useful! It drinks a bowl of milk up three times a day. It is one pail per week; one can per month and one big barrel per year.”
      The farmer counted all the costs immediately. The final sum was incredible!
      He called the cat immediately:
      “Kitty! Where are you!”
      The cat came running because it had thought that the farmer had had milk for it.
     He told the cat without mercy that it has to leave.
      The cat begged him imploringly: “Farmer, please, don´t drive me out! I have served faithfully for many years. Where should I go now?”
      But the farmer was adamant.  He had a heart of stone.
      So the hungry cat went away.
      The farmer could praise happily:
      “One useless eater is away.”
      Nothing happened for a long time.
      Once, there appeared a mouse. Then there were second and a third mouse. Even rats came from somewhere.     
      A granary  was completely empty soon. There wasn´t any grain left.
     The farmer realised what he had done but it was too late.     
     “Kitty! My Kitty, come back!”
      He cried, cried - but in vain.
      Translated by Renata Kováčová