A Goat and a rabbit

      A rabbit grew cabbage on his garden. He watered heads of cabbage consciously every day to grow them succulent and crispy.
      There went a goat around the field and she watched delicacies with a great appetite. She was thinking about how to get the cabbage easily. It wasn´t far away from idea to action.
      The next day said the goat to the rabbit: “Brother bunny, I saw young luscious carrot in the market.  Hurry up otherwise it will be sold fast.”
      Rabbit thanked mannered and immediately went on the road. When he disappeared, the goat opened the gate and entered the garden. She started to feast immediately. The rest of cabbage that she couldn´t eat put into a large basket. Then she left majestically.
      The rabbit returned home and was shocked. All his harvest disappeared. In loose soil just saw some traces. He guessed who the uninvited visitor was immediately. He wanted to cry from this.
      Early in the morning went the goat around the rabbit´s garden as usual. She looked over the hedge and seemingly moaned pitifully:
      “Such a disaster! Who had just done this! It had to be cunning thief!”
      The rabbit was quiet. He knew. He was sorry about that terrible lie. But what could he do? The goat was a robust and she had sharp horns. If he fought against the goat, he would be unsuccessful.
      He lowered his ears and walked sadly home.
      The goat just laughed as clever she is. She bleated happily.
      Her voice heard robbers who roamed through the region.
      They caught the goat, cut her throat, roasted her and ate her. They sold the goat´s fur on the market.
      An artist made a drum from the tanned goat´s fur. The tool was sold to a musician. He praised it exceedingly:
      “It sounds wonderful! It has such a full sound. As if it hid a live soul inside!”
     Translated by Renata Kováčová