About the dishwasher Boshka

     There lived a father and a mother in a one house. They had a five year old girl called Johanka. They lived well. A company made them a great dishwasher with brand Bosch. They called it familiarly Boschka. The dishwasher served ten years faithfully till one day when she stopped working.
     The father was looking for someone to repair it.
     “This is the old type,” said a repairman, “there aren´t any components to buy.”
     The daddy called another repairman. The man didn´t looked at the dishwasher very well and said:
     “It's already time-worn. You can only give it on a scrapyard or rubbish dump!“
     The daddy called one more mechanic for sure.   
     “I do not recommend a repair. It would be too expensive,” said the workman.
     The whole family was very sad. They didn´t have any money for new dishwasher.
     “What will we do?” cried they.
     Two days passed since the unhappy event.
     The family was just having a dinner when they heard hardly hearable: “Knock! Knock! Knock!”
     “Who could be there?” wondered the mother. “We didn´t expected anybody to come so late.”
     The daddy went to open the door. There was a curious, smiling, white-haired grandpa with a leather bag slung over his shoulder.
     “Good evening! I heard that your Boschka had broken down.”
     “You must be sent from the heaven!” exclaimed father and his eyes brightened up. He invited the old grandpa into the house.
     “So let´s look at it,” said the grandpa.  He put his head into metallic interior of the dishwasher and everything examined carefully. Then he tightened some screws and nuts and greased a mechanism. The grandpa simply repaired the old dishwasher. The family couldn’t believe that the strange grandpa bring it back to life.
     “You work miracles! You must be fairy grandfather!” shouted the mum cheerfully.
     The grandfather just smiled.
     “Maybe I am - maybe I am not,” said he mysteriously.
     “How much do we owe you?”
     "Nothing, it was just a little thing.”
     The mum gave him at least freshly baked nut cake wrapped in a paper napkin.
     They thanked to the grandpa once more and then they shaked their hands. And the grandpa disappeared as fast as he had appeared.
     But it wasn’t over.
     Curious things started to happen since then.
     The family tried the dishwasher. It worked as if it were new. It was quietly and with satisfaction purring again.
     As it finished the washing it spoke in a human voice: “You didn´t throw me into old jumble and I'll be useful to you: I´ll tell you an interesting fairy tale every day.”
     What surprise. The family didn´t expect it.
     Johanka was the happiest. Her eyes brighted with joy and happiness.
     They had no time to wonder as Boschka started to tell them a first story. It was about an old gentleman who helped people unselfishly. The family remembered the fairy grandfather.
     When the story was over, the dishwasher blinked red three times as a goodbye.
     The family wished to Boschka good night and went to sleep with contentment.
     Since then, every morning was the family looking forward to the evening, when they´ll get together, sit on comfortable chairs, and will carefully listen to the new extraordinary story…
     Translated by Renata Kováčová