Don't sleep!

Don't sleep!
When the storm beat down the gentle words
Don't sleep!
When wild beasts walk by
And the temples of learning are burning
When malice rises from the depths
When the Sun was splattered with blood
Don't sleep!
Now is not the time for fairy tales
No one wraps gifts in cotton candy
The mist clothed itself in a cloak of lead
Everything is so cruel!
The doll is crying
Alone in front of the altar
Broken arrows lie in the grass
Every hour is precious
I remember what happened yesterday
Where they went wrong?
Who is to blame?
What will be next?
Stop the war machines!
Stop all fighting!
Plant roses!
In the middle of a peaceful field
Play Mozart's Requiem!
Don't sleep! Don't sleep! Don't sleep!
(Thank you for Google Translator)