Everyone has their nest somewhere

The world is full of weirdos
No wonder
They banded together in a community
One driving school teacher
He kept crocodiles in the bathtub
The second again
He fed the pig nicotine
Third citizen
He sang a hymn
When he plowed the field
Next to the local psychiatry
The fourth man
He had worms in him
As big as hallucinogenic mushrooms
The fifth workaholic
He was also an alcoholic
Sixth pseudo-poet (lyricist)
Wrote "Ode to Anger"
Seventh academic painter
He drew rhombuses at night
For carpets
The eighth played the bagpipes
Christmas carols at Easter
Ninth Master of Vocational Instruction
Picked up in the south of Africa
Three black mambas
The tenth madman
He was looking for the Holy Grail
Instead, he found a withered wreath
And some old crows
I wrote in my diary
A famous pun:
"Magda was running through the canyon
  She knocked over a banana with her shoulder"
(Thank you for Google Translator)