Strange events

They accidentally caught a peacock in a net
He bit their hand
Misfortune doesn't walk the streets
It finds its way to the heart
Who is mindlessly turning the pages of a book
He will never see the Maldives
In a storm of alcohol fumes
A tuba player fell to the ground
After three in the afternoon
An unknown hero sings
Part of Lohengrin
It adds as a bonus
The third opus of nursery rhymes
For unborn children
Old pampered bards
They gave out gingerbread cards
And they played and played
When they played around
Early in the morning
Disturbing news arrived
From the highest of the animal kingdom
Newts proliferated
Without the help of stimulation
Thus said a saint:
Everyone has their own faith
Someone has a hole in their head like a chimney
Sincerely, Yours
Robot Emil
And the link to J.F.K. and J.A.K.
(Thank you for Google Translator)