Truth has short legs

Telling the truth doesn't pay
He knows his stuff
Those who ended up on the gallows or at the border
That's why a well-delivered lie sounds so sweet
The surrounding world longs for pink colors
The following messages confirm this:
All people are good
Politicians work for free
Comrades understand their work
The neighbor likes his own wife
And sometimes he doesn't even beat her
The distillery director is empathetic and abstinent
The actress from Shantan boasted a great figure
The newspaper report pleasantly surprised us
Condoms are 100% reliable
Taxes will no longer increase
Smoking prolongs life
The weather forecast came out again
Silence heals
They gave the money from the voluntary collection to the needy
Few people steal today
We don't just harvest canola
But this year also cherries
Baking powder will eliminate dementia
The pampered drones will contribute to evolution
P.S. My brother is a big pig
(Thank you for Google Translator)