Where the eye can see
Pigs everywhere
Pigs at the trough
Breasted pigs
Pigs in grain
Pigs on Venus
Pigs with human souls
Canned pigs
Pigs on stamps
Horned pigs
Tattooed pigs
Cuddly pigs
Pigs neo-new
Pigs with a gluttony of caterpillars
Pigs as red as crayons
Doll-like pigs
Pigs with dumplings and cabbage
Pigs vaccinated against slaughter
Pigs who love children
Pigs soaped up to insanity
Pigs without responsibility
Pigs as big as cockroaches
Pigs hidden in nuclear shelters
Pigs dreaming of family apartments
Pigs alcoholics
Pig workaholics
Marzipan pigs
Pigs resting in a barn
Seven pigs and boilers
Pigs, pigs, pigs
Of all countries, double up!
(Thank you for Google Translator)