The Man and the ant

      A man met an ant at the crossroad. He shouted on him immediately:
      “Hi, friend! How are you? I bow deeply before you.”
      “Why?” wondered the small creature.
      “You are able to carry things fifty times heavier than your own weigh and you are able to push things thirty times heavier than you before you. If all ants got together, they would move the Earth!”
      The ant was quiet.
      “I can lift no more than a boulder that lies there next to the road,” said the man disappointedly.
      The ant replied humbly:
      “You're right. I can do this. But if you want, you could crush me easily.”
      The man nodded.
      “I agree. Why should I destroy the power by a power?”
      “You are wise,” said the little creature, “but not everybody thinks so!”
      Both were happy that they understood each other.
      Then they said each other a friendly goodbye and moved on.
Translated by Renata Kováčová